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Broken Dawn II, can be attributed to the genre of shooting games top view , in addition, the game has RPG elements. The plot of the game, the Ground once again infected with an unknown virus causing a different mutation of the people, turning them into terrible monsters. You have to choose a character and explore locations, clearing them from these mutants. The monsters will drop various useful things and gold, which you can take after completing the task will receive a reward.
RPG system in the game Broken Dawn II the ability to pump your character and change his equipment and weapons. Additionally, the slots for items and weapons can be enchanted, that is to improve. And to pump a talent tree your character, after you accumulate enough experience points.

Broken Dawn II for Android

Broken-Dawn-II_v1.1.6.apk [88.64 Mb] (Downloads: 6)

Platform: Android 3.0


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