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Ninja Kingdom - a game based on the popular anime series Naruto. Take part in the final battle shinobi, use powerful combination attacks and defeat your enemies! Each shinobi has their own characteristics and possibilities, some ways to attack up close, others from afar, as in the characters can be aura reinforcing adjacent allies, but not in a hurry to group your squad too close to each other, otherwise enemies can simply apply the attack damage and hit all of your fighters!
Shinobi in battle rely on their ninjutsu, the range ninjutsu just overwhelms the game with offensive, defensive, and even hidden powerful attacks and techniques! Together with Naruto go to the campaign and get involved in his adventures and attempts to become the most powerful shinobi! Alternatively, you can call your friends up to 3 people in multiplayer mode, and complete missions together with them online!

Ultimate-Ninja-Blazing_v1.0.8.apk [20.19 Mb] (Downloads: 15)

Ultimate Ninja Blazing for Android

Platform: Android 4.2


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