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Dragon Mage-Guild Battle - card game based on the popular anime series Fairy Tail or Fairy Tail. The battle taking place the following images in the table located cards at the bottom and at the top of your opponent. Each card has its own spells and special skill, which when completely filled ball of energy. Defeat enemies powerful spells and suck your cards, raising the levels, as well as seeking out uniforms and weapons in the available slots.
In General, this card game is quite fun, will especially appeal to fans of the genre and the series Fairy Tail. Collect your favorite characters, make up a strong team and travel the world, battling enemies and defeating bosses.

Dragon Mage-Guild Battle for Android

com.dragon.mage.apk [44.86 Mb] (Downloads: 8)
КЕШ: [48.3 Mb] (Downloads: 4)

Platform: Android 2.2


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