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Heroes of Chaos Heroes Chaos - action MMORPG developed in this fantasy world of magic, divided into the spirit world, people, and monsters. They all wanted to live together, but the evil tyrant has set itself the purpose to destroy these worlds, he must be stopped in any way! Choose your character from three available classes: Warrior, Vampire, Magician and embark on a long journey into the past to prevent the looming chaos.
Overall the game is pretty good, with interesting gameplay, quite a beautiful graphics and RPG system. But there are a number fat cons that seek to undo all good. The game has a pvp arena where you can fight one on one or teams. In pvp balance is limping on both legs, made worse by Donat, which often determine the winner in the arena. The same pump above the 50 level in the game is sharply reduced the content. No any branching plot or some quests that would occupy itself in pve, except for some daily quests.

Goddess: Heroes of Chaos for Android

Platform: Android 4.1


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