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Guardian Codex - role-playing game from the famous developer SQUARE ENIX, with elements of strategy, character development, that is, the cards well and turn based combat. In General, as we love games of this genre.
The game's plot is also quite interesting and something like the Assassin creed, or rather the fact that the main character through a kind of virtual reality as sent in the past, which would thus save the world. There she has to find the Guardians and release them into the real world. As you can understand, the Guard is a card, and the main character - your character and all the action takes place in this virtual world. Sounds interesting. In addition you can play with other players, up to four at a time, coordinating their actions through the game chat.

Guardian Codex for Android

Guardian-Codex_v1.0.0.apk [ b] (Downloads: 0)

Platform: Android 4.3


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